• It is fantastic! now everyone gets awareness about surrogacy treatment. It is great, no every infertile person can avail this treatment easily. Yeas, it’s a little bit expensive but it does not matter. Being a mother, I advise all infertile ladies to opt for surrogacy. I know about a good clinic where I had my surrogacy. Its success is remarkable.…[Read more]

  • Hey! I had the same story and would like to share with you. It’s about my friend because she was infertile. She did not know about her infertility. She keeps on trying to conceive but it does not work out for her. It was an alarming situation. Her doctor said that she is infertile. Yeah, infertility is like a nightmare and only fewer women can…[Read more]

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    Hello there! I am Elia. I am new to this forum. I read many good posts on this forum. I want to share my story heard. I am 35 years old. I was getting married 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I was declared infertile. It was due to hysterotomy cancer. It was a critical situation for me. Because infertility was shattered me from inside. I was totally…[Read more]

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    Oh dear! I am really so shocked to hear this. Yeah, it wrong to despoil the money of people. I mean are they out of their senses. I had Seen the same case So I want to explain in this forum only for your awareness is the sad story of my friend. She was declared infertile due to cancer of she decides to choose another way. For…[Read more]

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    Hello Ladies! I also want to add my story here. unfortunately, I am also an infertile woman. I had faced critical time due to infertility. It is also because of blocked fallopian tubes. I was so young when I was married. Due to this reason I had 4 miscarriages. In this situation, my health was so feeble. So, my husband decides to take me away from…[Read more]

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