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  • Hello there! Hope you are fine. Surrogacy worked for me. I was diagnosed Infertile. I tried IVF but it didn’t work for me. I have been visiting a clinic and they suggested me surrogacy. I accepted their suggestion. Now, very soon I am going to be a mother. The clinic I opted for is the best clinic in Europe. Their success rate said all about their quality.

  • Hello, How ARE you? Infertility, on this planet, has become the worst disease. It had ruined the lives of many people. But, thanks to the treatments known so far. (IVF and Surrogacy). They have blessed many couples in making their dreams come true. IVF is a good treatment. But I personally prefer surrogacy. As I Had experienced IVF, but it…[Read more]

  • Hey Victoria! I guess your friend is a bit confused between choosing the right treatment for her. Just like many others, this curiosity is natural. Many people seemed nervous when opting for treatment. because it’s not an easy decision to make. A number of people get their babies by IVF. But my friend last year tried IVF without luck. I will r…[Read more]

  • The bond of love and affection weighs more than blood. Nothing feels as good as being a mother. I am not down for what you said parents don’t care about their children. Asking back the formerly mixed-up child back. That something we call ridiculous. I have heard that my neighbor’s child was mixed-up during labor in the hospital. They know it but t…[Read more]

  • Little knowledge about anything can be fatal. Same goes for surrogacy. if you are planning for surrogacy. you have to be very sure. That you have all the necessary information and knowledge about treatment. Infertility treatments like surrogacy are presents for us. Nowadays along with surrogacy people are going for IVF too. Ivf is also a good…[Read more]

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    Surrogacy is not that much problematic, as we think of it. If you are planning for it. You should not let any factor to alter your mind. I had cancer. And due to cancer, I was diagnosed infertile. I tried much infertile treatment. But all went in vain. My friend suggested me a clinic. I went there they said the only treatment I had left was…[Read more]

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