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Hey Alsa, Hope you are doing well now. Your situation seems so heart wrenching. How can a woman held onto the fact that she cannot have her own child to bear? Really that shatters her. But you must know that this is all natural/Nothing or nobody has any hand in doing so. This could have happened to anybody. You are just not that lucky. Well speaking from a reference. I have a friend who had been going to Europe for the same procedure twice. She got her children twice. And became the happiest twice. She has recommended these clinics in Europe to everybody who was in trouble. I am speaking on her behalf as I found them equally top class as well. Their packages are really reasonable according to what they offer. They even offer unlimited tries until you succeed. So one way or another you are going to come back with a baby for sure. I hope you got my point. Best of luck. My best wishes to all of you