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Many women going for IVF come to know after they are tested that they do not have healthy eggs. To complete the procedure they seek support from the donor with the healthy eggs. Help of a woman with healthy eggs is sought. She is the one who can share her healthy eggs. This healthy mom donates the egg or the oocytes. The eggs are separated from the infetile woman. They are then planted in the woman in need. This helps the intended mom for the assisted reproduction technique. It is a great alternative for the moms in despair. They cannot use their own eggs due to the genetic problems, weakness, age or the ovarian failure. The egg donation reduces the risk factor and multiplies the succes rates. Before the eggs are withdrawn, the donor has to undergo vigorous screening and testing. It is to make sure that the donot mom has no serious health problems. The screened mom is put on the medication for stopping the regular periods. Through induced hyperstimulation the donor mom’s ovaries are stimulated to generate multiple eggs. Once ready, the eggs are removed by the doctor with the help of an ultrasound probe. Later the eggs are frozen. A few of them are injected into the mom undergoing IVF.