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Nelly Kom

Hi there, Alsa. I’m very well and I hope you’re doing fine as well. I’m very sorry to read about what happened to you. I deeply empathize with you, dear. I’ve been through this situation so I know how it feels. People say that they understand but no, only that person can understand the pain who has been through it. It’s a terrible feeling. I’m happy to see that you’ve accepted the bitter reality of life. Moving on and letting go is the best option for us. I’d suggest you go for either IVF or surrogacy. There are many good clinics in eastern Europe. They have high success rates and great customer reviews. You should surf the internet and choose one clinic. When you visit it and your tests are done, the doctor will suggest you either. Only a fertility expert can tell that which alternative is better for you. Lots of love and prayers for you!