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emma joe

Hi there I hope that you are doing awesome. Thank you for sharing your story with us and discussing the problem of surrogacy. I know some the countries are not allowing the surrogacy due to some reasons but on the other hand some of the countries are providing the best services for the surrogacy. This is luck for me to go in the Ukraine Once there was a time when i was infertile due to contineous abortion. After discussing and getting suggestion from all sides including my relative, friends and docotrs suggested for Ukraine. I decided to go for Ukraine Now I am confident and happy because i have my own cute baby. So, at the end of my message i will suggest the infertility problem facing women to go for the best clinic only because the clinic matters than the procedure i will say for bes Ukraine Bio-tex-Com the best places having high success ratio than the anyother place in the world. Hope you will live a happy life my best wishes are always with you. 🙂