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Farah Smith

“Hey there, how are you? Your story really made me sad. Infertility is indeed very hard phase of women life. It is very hard to cope with. It needs a lot of courage to face such situations. You are not the only one who is facing this. There are many women out there in this boat with you. I had also faced infertility a few years ago. It was like an end for me. I always wished to carry child in my womb. But that was not in my fate. My doctor told me that it will be risky in my case. So he told me about surrogacy. I went to Europe for my surrogacy treatment. It was the successful decision of my life. I was so surprised by the behavior of clinics there. There are absolutely amazing in this regard. It was the successful journey of my life. Its been two years, Still I regularly talked to my doctor and surrogate mom too. I got a child and two amazing friends too. Isn’t it amazing? Well, good luck to you too.