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Yes, thank you very much for sharing! I have been to some forums already asking for advice on infertility abroad options but this is a very important issue so I have to have a lot of different opinions on what I am opting for. Because when you receive only positive reviews of the clinic you are aiming for you can’t be blinded by them and have to research harder and deeper. infertility has become the worst thing now. we have to take more precautions about it. added to this the negligence of a clinic increases the difficulties of a couple. Yes, I also hear some bad reviews about such clinics. If you want to know IVF clinic, I am suggesting you the biotexcom clinic because One of my friends also got the IVF from the biotexcom in Ukraine which was successful. It makes possible with the help of the supportive staff of the clinic which takes care of their patients with full attention and feels comfortable during the whole process. Moreover, Surrogacy is another option to make the dreams possible of being a mother. My friend also told that they offer the different packages for the treatment which are affordable. So Visit this clinic, discuss your issue with them then they will suggest which one is a better option for you. Hope you find it helpful. Good luck!!!!