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How are you? I’m hoping you’re in good health. Wow, that’s good. Accept my heartiest congratulations on your successful surrogacy. This is great news. I’m really happy. will my friend faced a lot of problems in her case she did deserve this, but she went to an Adonis Clinic is really bad. It is very shocking to know about the behavior of them. At that stage, the patient is already depressed. Facing this type of response made the patient depressed. But you need not worry about this. First of all, I would appreciate your decision. Surrogacy really helps. There are still many good clinics. but Adonis clinic They never reply to the emails, her experienced it first-hand. she hoped that no one would have to go through that kind of an experience. I’m so sorry but you are lucky in this had to go through it all good for you. My prayers are with you. I hope you find a more happiness and blessing,