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Hi Alina! How are you doin’? Sorry for your losses dear. It made me really sad that you had a very bad experience of a clinic. Infertility itself is a curse. I can’t get it why clinics cash the helplessness of patients. The clinic should cooperate and help the patients in need. Beware of the clinics which are really bad at their service. I had the experience of lotus clinic. When i came to know about my disease i emailed them and wants an appointment but they didn’t even reply me. They are really no serious and had really bad repu. Luckily i found the clinic situated in Europe. I had my IVF from there. My first attempt was successful. I am a mother of twins now. They are providing best services and behavior of the doctors and staff is so friendly and encouraging. You will be treated with great care and responsibility. So don’t worry lady I suggest you must go there. Wishing well of you and your family.