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Isabella Gomez

Hey Missha, hoping that you are doing great with your life. Missha you are the motivation for those ladies who give up after being declared infertile. It is really a courageous task to do. It really needs guts to hear the taunts of this world. I had a miscarriage like 6 years from now. I was depressed and tired of listening taunts from my in-laws. But my husband was so supportive. Whenever I needed him on any platform, he always supports me. Then we planned for IVF treatment, but IVF didn’t work for us. Then we chose surrogacy. We visited a clinic in Europe. That clinic was very affordable, and the services provided was satisfactory. Now I am a mother of a beautiful baby. I am glad that your surrogate is 20 weeks pregnant. Now the success rate has risen to 95% of having a baby. Everything will be OK. You don’t need to be worry. Just be calm and do preparations for your baby.