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Life after a miscarriage becomes too hard. You had to face all this multiple times. Despite all the stress and pain you fought it bravely. The most painful thing is the curse of infertility. It kills quicker than the miscarriages. Thanks to the changing world of technology. It has given great solutions to eveyone facing the challenges of infertility. A number of clinics are serving the needs of the infertile couples. Almost each of them is trying to bring out the best in the life of the IPs deprived of the real happiness. There is a long list of such excellent clinics. Unfortunately you reached out an extremely unreliable clinic. It has been doing the same for many cases. Many deprived couples are suffering undue stress and pain due to their prolonged unresponsivess. It is highly disappointing. I think you need to think about some other clinic instead of wasting the time.