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I also tried IVF several times but it didn’t turned into a success for me. Also tried IUI but failed at IUI too. So i decided to go for surrogacy to have a baby. I live in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria surrogacy is not allowed. So me any my husband will soon move to some other country for surrogacy. We have heard Ukraine is very popular in this aspect. There are a number of clinics in Ukraine regarding surrogacy. My husband will soon take a break from his work and we will move to Ukraine. A clinic from Ukraine is arranging an event in UK. Where they will entertain all the questions from couples. They will also register some couples for treatments back at their clinic.
Its been more than 10 years that i am trying to conceive. There is no such issue that i am infertile. I went through proper tests at different clinics. But the doctors can’t even find the reason behind my infertility, That is why now we have decided to go for surrogacy.
Wish your friend very good luck again.