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emma james

i am 34 years old and infertile. i have this infertility after a miscarriage. my husband and i both are very desperate for baby. we never loose hope. we are still trying every possible solution to get we want. one of our best solution is surrogacy that we are trying. initially we had a very bad experience. it is about a clinic ad****s. they claimed to provide best service for surrogacy in ukraine. so we decided to give them a chance. so we contact them through emails and telephone but there was no response like they don’t care. we even visit them personally but our first visit was so bad because they did not have a proper staff. their cleanliness level is very poor. there is strange smell in that environment.They cannot pay attention to my check up. nurse did not know the medicines properly, which is suitable for surrogacy patients. they have very bad service so stay away from them