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  • it is very sad that they do like like this. infertility is itself is a great curse. then this type of clinic make things more worse. i had a miscarriage at age of 29. after that my every hope of becoming a mother is fruitless. i still remembered that when doctors told me that i can’t become a mother. this news was like a death sentence to me. i…[Read more]

  • infertility is a horrible dream for me. i have tried every thing to get ride of it. after miscarriage i was depressed as i was too much excited to be a mother. but that car accident not only cause me loose my pregnancy but also cursed me with infertility. all the world bad things just are now part of my life. one of the example is this clinic…[Read more]

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    I have a miscarriage at 6 month of my pregnancy. After that I just start drinking. My husband try to bring me back to my normal life. But I have this dream of raising a baby from my childhood and when I was this much close to fulfill my dream then this horrible moment destroy every thing. I was like a person drowning in a sea of his own tears.…[Read more]

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    when we start a life we think that everything will be fine. the time has many thing for us in his folding layers. after my miscarriage, i was depressed and start drinking to just forget what time has given to me. i always wanted a big a big family. my husband always support my this dream. after my miscarriage, i did not lose hope and face every…[Read more]

  • i am 34 years old and infertile. i have this infertility after a miscarriage. my husband and i both are very desperate for baby. we never loose hope. we are still trying every possible solution to get we want. one of our best solution is surrogacy that we are trying. initially we had a very bad experience. it is about a clinic ad****s. they…[Read more]

  • i had a miscarriage i am fertile i am depressed there is no hope for me. all colors has lost their charm for me. surrogacy was my last option. i try to do it with the help of a clinic in ukraine called ad***s i emailed them more than 3 times they have very poor communication channel. they are not actually a good team they are a just deception…[Read more]

  • Becoming mother was always my dream and from my first day of marriage i was making plans about how i will start my journey of pregnancy and and what would be the first cloth that my baby will wear.how i would visit my doctor means i was planing for every thing then i got pregnant and now i started doing all the things that i planned. but my luck…[Read more]

  • After a miscarriage i was seeing this world a garden with no flowers. everything for me was dark and there was no pleasure but sadness. i was feeling being buried with this sorrow then a friend who work as a nervous told me about a medical facility named “” adonis”” in Ukraine which for me was like water for traveller of dessert. i was hoping that…[Read more]

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