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Sorry to hear about your infertility. I have sympathy for you. Indeed you have faced a very tough time in your life. Do not lose hope dear. It is not the end of life. The one who came in this world has to face difficulties of this world. You can say its law of nature. First, you faced infertility then the clinic did bad to you. It is completely unfair to you. We are on the same boat. I also faced three miscarriages after my marriage. I became infertile. I lost all my hope. My husband encouraged me that we can have a baby in another way. I searched for treatment on the internet. I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to the clinic lotus. It was just a trap. Their only motive is to make else nothing else. They do not care about the feeling of people. THeir staff is really rude. The surrogates are really greedy. They torture intended mother. Their medical facilities were also not good. I faced the worst experience there. They made me more disappointed. I would like to aware another woman of this kind of clinics. May God bless you, dear. Goodbye.