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I hope you are doing great. Sorry to hear about your infertility. This is the worst thing that happens to a woman. It destroys her from inside. Every woman has a natural desire to become a mother. It is the most beautiful phase of her life. One who faces infertility it is really devastating for her. We are on the same boat dear. I also faced infertility. I saved three miscarriages after my marriage. The doctors asked me that I can never become a mother. I decided to go for surrogacy. I searched for good clinics on the internet. It was my bad luck that I came to know about clinic audonis. I was really happy that I got a clinic for my treatment But they disappointed so much. I tried to reach them in any way. They did not respond to me at all. I sent them many emails but they did not reply me even a single time. I got more depressed with their behavior. I would aware all of you. Keep away from this kind of sick clinics. I wish you all the best.