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Hey Alsa, I am so sorry for you dear. Please dont loose hope. There are many advanced treatments available like IVF and Surrogacy. As for clinic, I myself am looking for a good clinic. I am also considering surrogacy. I am 36 and an infertile with no kid. Adoption is not an option for me because I want to have a biological child. As I was adopted too and my parents always had a wish to have a biological child so I dont want to regret my whole life. So I convinced my DH to try surrogacy once before adoption. He agreed and we started for looking for clinics. We heard about L***s clinic in Ukraine. We emailed them in hope of having a kid. But I am so disappointed from their irresponsible behavior. This clinic is so unprofessional that they dont bother to respond me even after weeks. I am looking for a better clinic to start my journey.