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So disgusting to learn such thing about a place that claims to be the best. It is to easy to say but too difficult to do it practically. Adonis is doing the same thing. Yiu are not the only sufferer. A friend of mine has experienced the same. Thanks God she didn’t waste money in going there. Her misery started as she contacted them. She wrote them all about her grief. After a year of being TTC after her marriage the couple got the worst news. The husband was not fertile. All their TTC efforts were failed due to his low quality sperms. They were suggested to go IVF with the assistance of the donor. They wanted to go Ukraine. They searched for the clinics there. They agreed on writing to the Adonis for they had some extra ordinary reviews. Unfortunately they waited for a month after theirfirst email. The result was a big zero. They didn’t receive any response. They kept reminding them.