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So to hear about your infertility. It is really a bad news for a woman. It kills a woman from inside. It is the most devastating situation in a woman life. I also felt bad what that clinic did to you. This is so unfair to you. Do not lose hope dear. I am here for you. I would suggest you a good clinic. There is a good clinic in Europe. I got married two years ago. I faced three miscarriages. I became infertile. It killed me when i heared about my infertility. I decided to go for surrogacy. I had my surrogacy there and successfully have my own baby. I am really thankful to that clinic. It is really a good clinic. The staff was so humble. Their medical facilities were also at a satisfactory level. It was a great experience there. I would suggest you go to this clinic. You will surely have your baby. May God bless you with a cute and healthy baby. I wish you all the best for you pregnancy effort. Goodbye.”