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    Jessica fields

    Hello, there beautiful ladies. I hope you all are in good health. I want you to help me out with something. I am looking for a reasonable clinic. Please don’t suggest Adonis to me. They are hell expensive. They already cost me an airplane ticket too. They deceived me on the cost. I flew there. Just for my friend. I wanted to see if everything is in place. So that then I could call my friend. She wanted to go for surrogacy. She will be coming from Australia. So I went there. It was all a lie. There were so many hidden costs. My trip was wasted. I want you to help me now. Please suggest an authentic clinic.


    Hey. I am so sorry for you. I know you must be disheartened. Well, don’t lose hope. I have faced infertility for many years. I have a great experience with different clinics. I have also heard alot about Lotus and Adonis. They are seriously betraying people. Surrogacy is sometimes last hope of a woman. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I was an infertile woman. Well, I decided to go to a clinic in Europe. I have a baby now. I have no more worries now. I hope this would help you. The clinic ins renown for its surrogacy.


    I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I know that clinic is hell-ish. Just tell me about it. You should go for surrogacy. It’s the best option to go for. Try to search for best clinics. I have heard many success stories about other clinics. Some are really are great. They offer the best packages at affordable prices. The doctors there are best-experienced. They use the latest methodologies in the process. They guarantee you success! I wish you Luck, girl!


    I am so sad for you. It must be so difficult journey. but don’t believe such jerks. My friend had similar worst experience at the clinic. My friend was infertile. She wanted to have a baby. She was infertile. She faced it for 7 years. She was so devastated. Obviously, 7 years are so long. In this time her husband also became infertile. They were worried. Later they decided to go for surrogacy. They went to Europian clinic. They have a daughter now.


    Sorry to hear about you. I’ll pray for you too. I have also suffered from infertility for 5 years. Surrogacy would be safe for you. You can have biological babies through surrogacy. I would recommend surrogacy to you. Best of luck to you. Much love.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. Thank you so much for taking out the time to write this review. It means a lot. If even one person avoids the clinic after reading this, you’ve done a great job. My prayers are with you. I hope you get over it, ASAP. You’ll find a clinic, don’t worry. Please don’t lose the faith. I hope you find a good clinic soon. Take care. Lots of love.

    Lucy jones

    Hello there. How are you? My doctor tells me that i’m infertile. My friends told me about the Adonis clinic. We decided to get treatment from this clinic. We can contact to clinic via email and phone. But with a couple of days spent. They didn’t reply to our emails and messages. This gives us the bad image of this clinic. I was absolutely devastated. I hope no one goes through this pain. Take care. Be cautious everyone.

    Rhonda Jet

    Hey there Jessica. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry for you to experience with them. I have heard a lot of negative things about them. I know it must be really hard for your friend. She must be in a lot of pain. Things are not so simple. It’s better we do a lot of research before going to any clinic. I wish everyone good luck. Please be strong and positive. Tahst all you need. Please make this choice wisely. Good luck and lots of love. ANd lots of prayers too.


    Hey. Hope you are doing well. I am sorrowful for you. It is a veracity that they are unacceptable. They are negligent towards their work. I would suggest you go for surrogacy to Europe. And be careful Lotus clinic is also spam. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But, my husband was supportive enough to help me out. We both wanted a baby desperately. One of my colleagues suggested me go for surrogacy. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic. Now I have a baby. It feels really great. Best of luck.

    Anika louis

    Hey. I am sorry for your bad experience. Well. this Adinos clinic is really not good. I agree with you. I suggest your friend a clinic in Europe. Their rates are reasonable and they are so cooperative. I had Infertility issues so, We went to the suggested clinic in Europe. We told them our complications on Email. So we went there and they already found a surrogate for us. She was matched with our requirements. I was happy with all the things that were going on. She gave birth to a baby girl that belonged genetically to me. I never thought of becoming a mother but Surrogacy gave me a hope. I am enjoying motherhood now. I wish her best of luck.


    Hi, Hope you’re all fine.I’m 24 years old and married. My name is Aina.I’m the daily visitor of this forum. This can really help me out. This can motivate. I got married before one year. Doctors diagonse that i’m infertile.I can’t concieve because of my heart disease. Then, we decide to get treatment from clinic. We hear about the Lotus clinic that this clinic is in good reputation. Many surrounded people can treat very good from this clinic. Then, we try to contact to this clinic via email and phone. Then, we sent them few emails and messages on phone to know about the further details. Couple of weeeks ago, But they didn’t reply us about the many emails. Then, we dissappointed. But, I’m struggled to search another clinic for the treatment. Can anyone help me?


    Jessica hi! We are absolutely fine. what’s about you dear? dear if you want to get any help from us. Then we are always here to help you, dear. don’t you worry? If you want any help from us then just contact us without any hesitation. Oh, so much bad experience. I really feel sorry for you. I also had a bad experience with it, I think this clinic is only wanted money from their customers. They have no concern about the feelings of the couples. they can’t feel their pain. But I think you should visit clinics in Ukraine. I heard that the other clinics in Ukraine are affordable except lotus. I had a bad experience with lotus. beware of it.


    Hello. I’m 24 years old and married happily. I visit the forum, this can really help me out. Doctor diagnose me that I’m infertile. I’m very sad at that movement. Then, I can control my feelings. So, me and my husband decided to get a good treatment from the clinic. We hear about Lotus clinic that there are very best treatment given to the patients. We’re live’s in ukraine. This clinic is far from our house. So, I can contact the clinic via emails. But with the couple of moths spent. They didn’t give us any reply of our several emails. Then, We getting disappointed from this clinic. This clinic shows the bad image to the peoples. Can anyone tell me a good clinic for my treatment..


    Hey, hope you’re good. I’m 24 years old. After few weeks ago, I’ll go for the small check up. Doctors tells me that i’m infertile, becasue of concieve of my heart diseases. Then, we decided to get a treatment from clinic. We hear the Lotus clinic. I contact to the clinic via messages. They didn’t reply us of any single message.


    Hi Jessica, how are you? Hope you are doing fine. I feel sorry for you. Infertility is really painful. I can relate. I am also an infertile. I can’t conceive because of my heart problem. But i never lose hope. I heard about Adonis clinic. Adonis clinic was recommended by a friend of mine. We lived in Japan. So we contacted them via phone and asked about the procedure details. We sent them several emails and waited for days to get a response but failed. They didn’t bother to reply to our emails. Luckily we got the idea about their services with their behavior. I feel sad for you. You wasted your money as well as time. I hope no one will waste anything after reading our comments. I wish them all luck.

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