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lisa grey

I didn’t get bored. It’s one of the best posts I have seen. Sister’s love can’t be defined in words. That looks really great that you wanna help her. I am so sorry to read that she can’t hold a pregnancy. That’s a really painful thing. She is passing through the worst part of her life. When she is fertile, then why can’t she hold he pregnancy? That’s good that if your womb is in good condition then you should help her. Instead of any other woman, you should hold her baby in your womb. She is quite bored. Because she wants her own baby. I suggest you help her. For that purpose, There is a clinic in Europe which is giving the best results for both IVF and surrogacy. Do contact that clinic and ask them about your sister’s problems. Be careful, that clinic is neither Lotus nor Adonis. My prayers are with your sister. All the best.