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Sorry to hear about your loss dear, But you should show some patience. Sometimes we have to face these type of situation but it doesn’t mean that you stop everything in your life and wish for death. Miscarriage no doubts very hurting but you should think that you are able to conceive again no such disability mentioned by you in your post. I will suggest you TTC again. you should look around you look at those women that are not able to conceive their own child due to some disabilities. I am writing in your post because I want to tell you that I am an infertile woman and you should realize how difficult for me to bear it. I didn’t quit, but I searched for other solutions and guess what? Now I am a mother of a child because of surrogacy. I contacted the clinic in Eastern Europe and they arranged a surrogate for me. She was very cooperative just like my clinic. You should go for these options. this is my suggestion choice is yours. Good luck