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Hi dear! I hope you are doing great. I felt really bad to hear about your infertility. Your post will aware many peolpe. Infertility is really hard to deal with. It is going to help many infertile couples. Today I am also here to share my bad experience. The motive of my post is to aware. Let me tell you my story. I got married two years ago. I got pregnant three times. All the time my pregnancy ended at miscarriage. The doctors declared me infertile. I was really depressed. I decided to go for surrogacy. I came to know about the clinic named Lotus. I tried to contact them. First, they replied to my email but after some time. They stopped to reply. I completely relied on them but they disappointed me. I was like they do not want to help. I would aware all of you to keep away from this kind of clinics. Good luck.”