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I just read your post. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That’s the worst feeling of the life. I had also the same experience last year when I had a car accident. I lost my unborn baby is that accident. I still feel sad for my baby. I still miss my baby so much. I can feel your pain. Because it’s the worst feeling that I also have experienced. I do not have words to give you comfort. I’ll just say you that please be strong and brave enough to face the challenges of the world. You’ll get your baby back soon. But in the end, I’ll help in a way that for your baby, do not contact Lotus clinic ever. There’ll be many people who suggest you contact Lotus clinic but please do not contact Lotus clinic. They are just making money. If you want your baby, do contact to some other clinics but not Lotus. Best wishes to you. Stay happy, strong and blessed.