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lisa grey

Yes, Alina. I am so sorry about your infertility. I also have the same problem as you have. I am conveying this message for the last three months. I have told almost everybody about the services of the Adonis clinic. They are very irresponsive and irresponsible. They look like that they are just making money. They have very illiterate staff. Very misbehaving and unfriendly staff. I don’t know why they just do not change their staff. I am really worried that they do not pay attention towards the patients. And you are saying about the cleanliness of their clinic then listen, they do not care about what patient needs and what a patient want. They just care about their fees and money. I am so sorry to say that the Adonis clinic is the worst clinic in the World right now. I suggest everyone please does not visit them if you want some real treatment and services. Thank you.