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I am really having goosebumps writing this. When I read this great news I was really amazed. It is really great to have such occassions. They are rare moments. They can change the life. These moments can make the lives meaningful. I am taling about nothing else but the open house session by Biotex. This Ukraine based clinic has earned a great reputation as a great fertility clinic. Being far from many places it is not easy to reach it. In order to resolve the concerns of people living in Europe the clinic is coming for this lifetime event. This open house is expected to change the life of many infertile couples. They are coming along with their head of the english department. This will make the things really easy for the people seeking advice on the infertility treatments. This will also help in understanding the working of the clinic too. The clinic will provide the facility of the early diagnosis. Once the visitor gets all the info he is allowed to sign the contract. It is no doubt a great moment. If you are an unlucky infertile then the life is about to change for you. Get yourself registered. If you get any of the limited seats you will be able to enjoy it on 18th and 19th August.