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cardi c

hope you are doing good. I am so sorry that you suffered a PCOS. I exactly know how it feels to loose a kid that lived in you womb. I had survived 3 abortions because of ectopic pregnancies. I have experienced a mix of weird emotions and it is difficult to give that phase a name.After disappointment from all treatments that I tried, I decided to go for surrogacy. I live in india. There was no clinic nearby that has a good repute and competency in surrogacy. Thus my husband and I tried searching clinics in other countries whose Visa process will be easy. We found out that the best and inexpensive treatment is available in Ukraine. We contacted one the top rated clinics of Ukraine. We got a very positive and motivating response. The staff is so friendly and cooperative that they answered all our queries until we were satisfied. They even facilitated us to share all our reports via emails and guided us accordingly. We are about to sign our contract soon and I am very excited.”