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Dear emma,I am very sorry for what happened with you.I can understand your pain.I have been married for 5 years i have 3 miscarriages.We had lost hope especially my last miscarriage i fell from the stairs and lost my child.It was a difficult task.But my husband supported me through all this.We searched for options and came to know about surrogacy.A friend of ours told us about this clinic A****s in ukraine.As we are from York,Uk we could visit ukraine,so we emailed them.But we were shocked on their reply.we told them about our problem and where we are from.Instead of sharing info and guiding us they stopped emailing us.We even called them on their number but they didn’t pick it up.We kept on mailing them for weeks.And when they replied back they refused to share info on email and asked us to visit them in Ukraine.we are disappointed from their unprofessional behavior.