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Shelby Ashton

Hey, i am so sorry to hear about your bad experience, but let me tell you you are not alone in this. I have also had the same experience with L***s clinic. I am an infertile since 8 years long. In last 8 years, i have tried every kind of fertility treatments. My TTC period was 8 years long and all i got disappointment and failure at the end. It was not so easy for me also. Infertility is such a curse. I went through hell. Few month ago a family friend of mine suggested me try surrogacy or IVF. I found surrogacy more efficient so i planned to find the clinic for it. I found this clinic on facebook. I got their emal address and phone number. I almost tried to contact them for two months in a row but they didn’t replied. They neither answered my calls nor replied to my emails. I am shocked to see their insensitive behavior. These constant disappointments and failures have shattered me. I am so depressed and never gonna contact them again. Such scammers should be banned. Beware of such scammers. I hope we both find a worth clinic. I can feel your pain. Be brave and strong.