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cardi c

dear emma
, I hope you are doing good. This is really unbelievable! I cant believe anyone can be so crass s to dealing with peoples lives.. Fertility clinics are supposed to be responsible for everything. Lately I have seen so many negative comments about the clinic, I am wondering how the hell have they got high ratings. It is sad because most of the people who contact these clinics are infertility patients and these patients are extremely sensitive. You have to deal with them with kindness. I am glad you decided to share your experience. This way people will be aware of it. However, my advice to you would be too not give up! There are many good clinics that you should be contacting. I myself had a similar experience with a****s clinic,it is most worst clinic ever i see. however,I didn’t stop searching. Now I am getting my surrogacy process done and I am so excited about it. Good luck to you.