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Yesterday I got a message from my friend in London. She was super excited. Her words told that how she was feeling. Actually she is infertile for years. She is a happily married lady. She is currently facing infertility. Because of being an optimistic lady she looks for the positive side of the life. She decided to fight the infertility. She was planning to go to Biotex. Her dream is coming true. Biotex is bringing their team to London. They are organiing an open house. The dates announced are 18th and 19th of August. They will reach out for the clients here by removing their confusion and misperceptions. My friend can learn about the clinic’s working and performance too. She is feeling great because there would be no need to go to the clinic in person. They can easily get the contract signed on the venue. She is planning to write an email as soon as possible. This will help her get a seat out of the limited seats.