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Hey. I’m infertile. I’m the daily visitor of this forum. This will help me a lot. I’m 25 years old and married happily. We didn’t know that there is any clinic in our home town. But then, after the few days ago. When i’ll go to clinic for routine check up, then doctors tell me that i’m suffering from infertility diesases because conceive of heart issues. Then, me and my husbad decided to get a better treatment for my better future. I hear about the A****s clinic, that is situated behind of my street. Next day i’ll visit this clinic. This is so dirty and old fashioned. Their appartments are so narrow. Some of the patients are slept in one bed. Their staff can give same food to all patients. Their staff are so ruddly, they didn’t know that how to talk with the patients. Doctors even don’t know that, which medicine is given to which patient.