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Hi Victoria, hope you are and your friend are doing well. I am no professional. But from my experience I can say that if her uterus is perfectly fine only then she should go for IVF.If the cause of infertility has somehow damaged her uterus then dont make her take risk of IVF. I am saying this because same thing happened with me. My uterus was affected due to endometriosis. I tried IVF twice but it didnt worked out. My hubby left me in frustration. Now I am remarried and i so wanna have a child soon. So I have decided to start surrogacy treatment. I even contacted A****s clinic on a friends recommendation. But they didnt gave me any response. I did emailed them several times. There communication channel seems very poor and pathetic. So I am in search of a good and reliable clinic to start my surrogacy quest.