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Hi Jessica,hope you are in good health.Couldn’t agree more with you one should be optimistic even in the direst of conditions.Yes infertility is a curse and is hard to cope with but it has treatments.I am infertile too.My DH has been very supportive of me through out this phase.A friend of mine told about surrogacy and Ukraine.I searched about it and found a clinic.L***s was it’s name.We decided to contact them to learn about it.We emailed them and told them about our circumstances and where we are from.At first they responded to us,and when we wanted to talk with a doctor for further consultation,they plainly refused and stopped replying to our emails.I emailed them for week.We decided to call them,the strangest thing for us was there behavior during the call.The staff extremely unprofessional and rude with us.I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody after how they treated us.