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“Ohh! It is good that you are discussing on surrogacy. I want to share my story. Because surrogacy pays an important rule in my life. I am the heart patient. Due to which doctors advised me to avoid conceiving. I conceived for three times. Every time I lost my baby due to weakness. Then I went to a clinic in Europe. Doctors told me that surrogacy will be best in my case. There is also another option of IVF is available Because IVF is painful as compared to surrogacy. They said there may be the chance of failure in IVF for me. So I go with surrogacy. Through surrogacy, my dream of becoming a mother comes true. Now I have a cute baby. I am so happy.
AN Europian clinic organizes its event soon. So the infertile couple should go there. It may provide the light of hope. So I think surrogacy will be 100% best for her. WISH HER GOOD LUCK. BABY DUST ON HER WAY!”