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emma joe

It is so heart wrenching to lose something like this in an accident. It must be so horrible for you. The emotional distress along with the physical injuries make it very hard to cope. My sister went through a similar accident and it was hard enough for us, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you. And then the insensitivity of people is the last thing you needed. The clinic you mentioned behaved abominably. They just play with the emotions and time of people. I had the luck of contacting a good clinic for surrogacy program. Ukraine delivered much more than they promised. I am a huge fan of them. I would like you to try them out. I have heard they are coming to London to offer their open consultation to all for two days, on August to be exact. I would have loved this kind of opportunity during my times. They are even offering the option of signing contracts there and then. I would like you to register yourself and do visit them once to discuss your case with them. They will have Anastasia, their English head with them so it won’t be a problem. Best of luck.