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    Rhonda Jet

    Hey there Sara. How are you doing? I hope its all good. I am really sorry to hear about your cousin. I know it must be really hard. I have been there. I know the how hard it must be for her. Adonis has a very bad reputation everywhere. They are all over the internet. They don’t know how to treat their patients. I wish no one falls for them. Good luck and lots of love. take care and lots of prayers for her. Give her all the support. Tell her to be strong.


    I am so sorry what happened to you. You should not stress too much. They will reap what they are sowing. I am so glad that the clinic I went to was nothing like that. They were so efficient and trustworthy. Now I’m pregnant through IVF. It’s just because of that clinic. Just Take good care of yourself. Try to find a reliable clinic for yourself. Search before visiting the clinic. Best of luck.


    Hey everyone.Hope you are all fine. I read your discussions about surrogacy clinics.Yes it is true.There are many fake clinucs just like L###S. So beaware like that clinics.They are fake clinics. Such type of clinics are just wasting of money.So I also faced the infertility problem since last five years. But now i have conceived.The clinic which is in Ukrain. This clinic is very expert in surrogacy treatment.So everyone must consult there.Their doctors are very coperative.Best of luck.


    I am so sorry about your experience. These clinics are just giving depression to people. But don’t lose hope. There are still clinics who are up to the mark. The services that it provides are absolutely mind-blowing. You can search for them especially around Ukraine. I am sure that you will have no issues in the future.


    Hello all. Hope you’re good. I’m 25 years old and married. I happily married before 2 years ago. I can go for the morning walk. Then suddenly pain is increasing in my Stomach. Then, i’ll go to the clinic and doctors tell me that i’m suffering from infertility. I feel very sad at that time, But my husband can support me. Then, we decided to take a treatment from good clinic. I hear about the Ukraine’s best clinic. Then we’ll go to the Ukraine and visit this clinic. This building is so good. Their staff are so friendly. They can take the instruments to check me up. They they’ll advice me to check from the doctor. Doctor check me up and he said that you’re fine, if you get a treatment from this clinic. Then, they admit me and after the one month of treatment. I totally fine and satisfied by the work of the doctors. Nurses also can take care of my health.

    Felicia Saz

    Wow. Another case just like my friend’s. I feel so bad for you. This is unacceptable. They claim that they are so affordable but they actually aren’t. They will make you pay for so many extra and irrelevant treatments throughout the procedure. These treatments and payments won’t be mentioned in the agreement they make you sign in the start. My friend had to go through this. She is not a very rich person. She got back from there with no money left. I’m sorry this happened to you too. I hope you find a better place now.

    Lily Stan

    Surrogacy is the best option for infertile couples. It is such a beautiful thing. I hope that couples who are infertile opt for it more. I have read a lot of positive comments regarding this clinic. I have been searching a lot about them. They have a high success rate. The doctors are also experienced and professionals. I think that is amazing. My sister said that from the way they were handling everything over the phone. They seemed like they knew what they were doing. As now she has a beautiful baby boy. They are having a event in London. I hope anyone willing would go here.


    Hi there! Hope you are doing well. I read your story. Your cousin had a really sad experience. I’m really sorry about your loss. There are many scams. Luckily there are good clinics like Biotexcom in Ukraine. It’s a wonderful news that they are coming to London for two days. Their visit will be on 18 and 19 August. It is a good opportunity to meet some quality consultants. Their staff is cooperative too.

    Veronica Strafford

    Hi Sara. Sorry to hear what your cousin had to go through. I am infertile. I can feel what she is going through. Thank you so much for your post. It saved me from travelling and spending so much of my money. I had contacted a****s as well. I was mad because they had not replied to a single message of mine. I found it very unprofessional and unethical. As a result of their fake publicity on their website, me and my husband had decided to travel their. Now, we live in Netherlands. We cannot afford to travel that far. Very grateful for your post. It would have been so heart shattering to travel there and find out that they provide such horrible services. My sympathies and prayers are with your cousin.


    Hi, how are you? I hope you are doing great. Your story really touched me. I.can feel your pain. I was infertile too. Surrogacy becomes a blessing to me. When I visited a good clinic in Europe. They recommended my surrogacy. They were the best. They treated me in the best way. The surrogate provided by them was very nice. Even they provide a proper contract for both parties right. It was a wonderful experience there. You should also visit them. It will be best for you. Best of luck to you

    emma joe

    It is so heart wrenching to lose something like this in an accident. It must be so horrible for you. The emotional distress along with the physical injuries make it very hard to cope. My sister went through a similar accident and it was hard enough for us, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you. And then the insensitivity of people is the last thing you needed. The clinic you mentioned behaved abominably. They just play with the emotions and time of people. I had the luck of contacting a good clinic for surrogacy program. Ukraine delivered much more than they promised. I am a huge fan of them. I would like you to try them out. I have heard they are coming to London to offer their open consultation to all for two days, on August to be exact. I would have loved this kind of opportunity during my times. They are even offering the option of signing contracts there and then. I would like you to register yourself and do visit them once to discuss your case with them. They will have Anastasia, their English head with them so it won’t be a problem. Best of luck.

    Julia Christine

    “Hey Sara! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I think she should look for some better option. There are many clinics in Europe that are specialized in such methods. Even one of my friends had her surrogacy there. She admires the clinic facilities. According to her, all the staff is well educated and experienced. They are providing the quality treatment on comparably low cost. I have never heard any failure about them. So I think it will be a good option for her. She should consult them.
    All my sympathies are with her”


    Hi! This is the best post today according to me. I can understand the circumstance you are experiencing. Now listen please, I had the best experience with a clinic. In Europe, I got pregnant after 3 miscarriages. I went there for my consultancy. I have explained to them all my history. They did pay attention to it. They gave me a high standard of service. I improved very quickly day by day. Now after a successful procedure of IVF, I am the mother of twin girls. I hereby recommend all of you to go there instead of other fake clinics. I am sure you will be satisfied. They totally fulfill your every desire. So please go for the better experience. Best of luck to all of you.


    Hi everyone. I hope you all will be doing great in your lives. I am so sorry that your cousin had to face all this. It would be really a hard time for her. She had gone through a lot of pain. I can feel the pain she went through. I also faced all this. I am infertile. One of my friend suggested me to go for surrogacy. I started looking for clinics. I came up with a clinic named as Lotus clinic. I read about them on internet and found good reviews. But then alter I found that all the reviews were fake. I really repent on selecting that clinic. I wanted to contact them through email. But they didn’t replied to a single mail. I had wasted a lot of time in contacting them. This attitude of them really disturbed me a lot. I request you all to please stay away from such clinics.


    I am really sorry for those women who face this. This is very bad. I hope you are fine. I was facing infertility for a long time. I visited B******* clinic for treatment then. They were awesome. And I am really happy that they are coming to London. I am very excited. I suggest every Infertile woman should go to this conference. This conference will be really helpful for everyone. Infertility is disseminating fastly it is very important for everyone to gather information about it. This clinic is really successful. I am really glad. Take care.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 122 total)
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