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Shelby Ashton

Hey, hope you are doing well. My experience with surrogacy haven’t started yet. I decided to go for surrogacy few months back. I was looking for a clinic. And i found this clinic A****s on internet. The clinic was in another country so i wanted to get information before flying to clinic. I emailed the clinic and asked for their procedures, policies and over all expenses they offer for procedures. And their reply really shocked me. They said i will have to pay them if i want to get any information. I was saddened and shocked by the reply. I was expecting such behavior. Money is nothing for me but the behavior is. If they only value money, how can i get my treatment at this clinic. the emotional support is the main thing. I have no courage to face such experience. their behavior shattered me. I am so upset. i hope i find a reliable clinic pray for me. I am slowly losing myself.