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Hi Dear! I trust you are fine. I am dismal as well after your post about you. Fruitlessness is a revile. It influences the entire existence of a woman completely. So one should battle this revile and stay strong. Since progress is for the individuals who attempt over and over. This is an extremely celebrated good that fearlessness is the dad of accomplishment. I am not stunned to hear terrible about L***s facility in light of the fact that their genuine face isn’t concealed at this point. They are misrepresentation. I had an awful involvement with them. They lost my records of methodology and afterward stop to get in touch with me .They carried on that they didn’t remember me. I was discouraged around then. I prescribe you to never under any circumstance go to this center! God will encourage you. I have seen various couples who got their children with surrogacy. This is, indeed, the best response for fruitlessness. Good fortunes everybody