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emma james

it is very sad that they do like like this. infertility is itself is a great curse. then this type of clinic make things more worse. i had a miscarriage at age of 29. after that my every hope of becoming a mother is fruitless. i still remembered that when doctors told me that i can’t become a mother. this news was like a death sentence to me. i always wanted to be mother and raise a baby girl. but that car accident snatched every happiness of my life. it is like there is no happiness for me in this world. every color is a dark color for me. i even tried surrogacy and contacted this clinic L**s. they claimed that they are best in their field. but they are worst people of this world. their staff has no manners to talk to a patient. their words just make you more depressive. their communication channel sucks. you mailed them and then there is no reply for weeks. they just have made me believe me that i have to carry this burden till death…