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Hi Im sure you are well, Im good as well. I second you though. The thread is very good. It feels great to read about success stories. Its very inspiring for the people as well. I Many women are fighting against this curse. And they give up on their dreams and happiness. I just wish and pray that people pull through this situation if anyone is undergoing a treatment. I think everyone needs to admit that surrogacy is by far a very good procedure. It’s safe and amazing if it’s done by a proper clinic. Even i underwent surrogacy and the experience was good enough. I would recommend people to do research and opt for a good clinic. Because a good clinic really matters. Sadly there are clinics like A****S which has been manipulating people. Charge a load of bill for their abuse services. One must refrain from going to such clinics. Money, Health and time matters. Which these clinics don’t understand.