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Hi dear. So sorry that you cannot carry on your own baby. This really breaks a woman from inside. But this doesn’t mean that all is lost. It means to try again. The other thing you asked for is about Surrogacy. Well, my dear, it is a safe process. I can guarantee you. It’s success rates are very much high. There is a big chance of having your own baby. But if this does not satisfy you. Then I am sharing my story with you. I was too faced with a problem in which I had to make a decision. My doctor said that I could not conceive a baby. So I went to Europe at my friend’s request. I visited this clinic which agreed to help me in my misery. I was really happy to hear this. I went for Surrogacy. The result came out positive. Now I am a mother of a two-year-old son. I suggest you do the same. Rest have faith.