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It can be difficult drawing a clear line in the sand to differentiate a mild depression after miscarriage and clinical depression. Both have similar symptoms of persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness; of irritability and restlessness; of loss of interest in activities; of negative changes in patterns of sleep, appetite and concentration; and of suicidal thoughts. Indeed, depression is a normal part of the grieving process, as previously mentioned, and seeking the right medical support may be the only way to determine whether the level of depression we are experiencing needs additional assistance. Plus, there is no set time limit for when we are supposed to finish the grieving process. But when we start to feel that your depression is getting out of control, we must seek help immediately. Clinical depression is a serious condition that requires professional intervention from professionals. We can consult with a family therapist, a grief counselor, or a psychologist for advice. We can also look into the possibility of joining a support group we can attend. The important thing is that we are taking action to counter our depression before it takes hold of our life. In the end, dealing with depression after miscarriage is a stage necessary to successfully achieve emotional healing.