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Everybody has been complaining about that clinic. I think you should opt for Bio tex. They are just the best. Surrogacy is a blessing to the infertile couples. Surrogacy is fulfilling, for both the parents as well as the surrogate. For the parents, the feeling is a sense of completeness from a new family member. For the surrogate, the feeling is one of pride from having provided the parents with a baby. Surrogates around the world are strong, selfless women who delight at giving hope and opportunity to growing families. Surrogacy is a singular experience, and sharing your story may be difficult when others cannot relate. Luckily, surrogates have banded together to create solid communities and sisterhoods. Many former surrogates remain close even after their journeys, like in my case. All surrogates that undergo the process are already mothers and enjoy being mothers. When you become a surrogate, you have the opportunity to experience being pregnant again. Though some may shudder at the thought, many surrogates love the experience of pregnancy. Through surrogacy, mothers can relive the experience without expanding on their own family.