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I am so sorry for the miscarriages. Others might try to make quick choices for you; instead, use others to help you figure out what option is best for you. Protect yourself by avoiding situations that you know will be difficult. Set realistic goals for yourself. For example, focus on coping throughout each day rather than the entire week. Take time to grieve and heal. There is no set time allotment for healing nor is it something that can be rushed. Receive support even though this may not be easy for you. If you feel out of control or overwhelmed, consider seeking help from a counselor, therapist or support group to help guide you through the grieving process. Healing doesn’t mean forgetting or making the memories insignificant. Healing means refocusing. Respect your needs and limitations as you work through your grief and begin to heal. As you work through this difficult time. Reach out to those closest to you. Ask for understanding, comfort, and support. Seek counseling to help both yourself and your partner. You don’t have to face this alone. Allow yourself plenty of time to grieve and the opportunity to remember.