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Surrogate motherhood is not without controversy, with people having strong beliefs on both sides of the issue. There are benefits of choosing surrogacy, and it fits the personal style of many women. If you fit the criteria for becoming a surrogate mother, you might explore the positive aspects of surrogacy. Helping others can be a powerful motivator for a woman considering surrogacy. Struggling and suffering with infertility can be devastating for many couples. Other nontraditional couples require outside assistance to realize dreams of parenthood. As a surrogate, you will likely have the opportunity to choose the parents you wish to assist, which enables you to focus your selection on parents who share a similar outlook with you. The surrogacy process can lead to strong feelings of personal satisfaction, feeling like you are making a dramatic impact and doing something special. Surrogacy usually involves sharing your pregnancy with the intended parents, as they typically have a desire for involvement. The relationship you forge with the intended parents is likely to be strong and enduring, possibly even after the birth of the baby.