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Sometimes, IVF alone isn’t enough. Some couples need to use another person’s eggs, sperm, embryos, or uterus in order to build their family. An egg donor may be recommended in cases of low ovarian reserves, primary ovarian insufficiency, or repeated unexplained IVF failure. An egg donor may also be used for a gay male couple, along with a surrogate. Depending on the kind of surrogacy, the biological parents may be the infertile couple, or an egg, sperm, or embryo donor may be used. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate is the biological mother. A sperm donor or the intended father may be the biological father. However, because of potential legal problems, this kind of surrogacy is usually discouraged. Your gynecologist is usually the first doctor you’ll see if you’re struggling to conceive, and she may also be willing to prescribe basic fertility treatments. For example, many women are treated with Clomid by their OB/GYN. Not every fertility clinic is equal. Before you choose a doctor, be sure they are the best choice for you.