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For couples who are aspiring to have their own child, surrogacy is a great option as they will have a baby that will be biologically theirs. Many childless couples opt for adoption, but then they have to ensure that the history of the child is good and will suit them or else there can be issues between them and the child. Such issues can be eliminated through surrogacy where the child will be the own flesh and blood of the couple. Surrogacy is a very good option for couples who are of the same gender. For such couple having a child naturally is impossible and therefore will have to opt for such methods to have a child of their own. In such cases, the source of the sperm or egg will have to be from one of the intended couple to avoid any legal complications in the future. As the story in the description shows, a lot of things can go wrong with surrogacy when it is not regulated. The most common problems are when the parents don’t want to accept the baby, or when the surrogate mother wants to keep the newborn. Defining the legal responsibilities of the different parties will prevent such problems.