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When a baby is born via surrogacy, an emotional transfer needs to take place from the surrogate family to the intended parents. This emotional transfer allows the baby to begin bonding with his or her parents and vice versa. While intended parents may not have the same prenatal bonding experience with their new babies, there are many things you can do to prepare for the emotional transfer of the baby and ensure you are ready to develop a healthy attachment. Many intended parents choose surrogacy after years of struggling with infertility, and I say it is healthy for intended parents to move through the grieving process before their baby is born. Intended parents are encouraged to remain as involved as possible throughout their surrogate’s pregnancy. I suggest that you attend doctor’s appointments, decorate the nursery and have a baby shower. When you take an active role in preparing for your new baby, it can help you develop a sense of connection, attachment and anticipation for your child.